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"You Can Be The



I have used the information in your book for five years now. Once again another first place winner. This year my son's car was again the fastest car of the pack. Not only the fastest, but so much faster than all the other 60 plus cars it was unbelievable. The car won every heat by multiple car lengths and easily walked away with the first place trophy again!

Like in previous years, a lot of the dads asked what our secret was? I was very honest in saying there are no secrets. I said that there are a lot of speed techniques, and when they are all done correctly, the results are amazing.

Your book is the best! I was very fortunate to come across it when my son was a Tiger Scout five years ago. Five years of success, championships and trophies. After the race, when I hear my son say it was "one of the best days of my life," the time we spend building the cars together have been worth every minute. Memories that will truly last a lifetime for both of us. I am sure you hear stories like this all the time. Thanks again!

TM and CM

I just had to write and tell you about our experience. I'm a single mom. Last year my son and I did our best to build his derby car (having never done anything like that before). He was so proud of his car at the time. Then we went to the derby and he lost every single race by a large margin. It turned out to be a very negative experience in his young life.

This year I wanted so badly to help him have a positive experience. I didn't care if he got a trophy. I just wanted to help him build a car that would not loose every single race. Together we searched the internet for help. We found your website, bought your book, and did everything we possible could together. Thank you for responding to all of my email questions as we went along.

Today we went to the derby. As I said, I was just praying that we would not have a repeat of the heart breaking experience of last year. Truthfully, I was skeptical and worried. I'm just a single mom who doesn't know anything about such things.

I can't express to you the look in his eyes as his car won race after race after race. Yes, he won the whole thing. First Place. Without ever loosing a single race! I came home and cried… so thankful for such a perfectly wonderful change in the outcome of the event. I'm still in shock over what just happened.

From last place to first place! Please tell everyone at Derby Champ, thank you so much for helping a little boy have such a wonderfully positive experience.

Thanks Again,

Jackie M.


We couldn't resist taking a little bit of time to write you about our Pinewood Derby experiences. My husband, Dave, has been working hard the last two years on pinewood derby cars with our son Charlie. I've been a total cheerleader and consultant along the way. Dave did a lot of research on the Internet and ended up ordering your book back in late 2006. Our first run out in early 2007, we didn't win the main races; but took a "Go for the Gold" trophy and 3rd Place for Design. It was a good show for our first time out racing. They weren't able to apply all the awesome lessons from the book on our first car because the car was already in production, and it was too late to change it by then.

Dave had been a cub scout/boyscout back in the day, but didn't win any races and really wanted our son to have that kind of experience. Yes, it is true - it is all about the experience and not winning - but the participation. Having said that, we still worked really hard to win and most importantly have fun on the whole project. We made sure to explain to Charlie it is ok if he didn't win and not to be disappointed. He was well prepared for anything that happened during the races.

Our son is now eight years old and is a Wolf Cub in our local cub scout pack at his school. Our second go around for the 2007/2008 Pinewood Derby was a different thing. Dave and Charlie literally took all your lessons to heart and began working on the car in October. We ordered your Derby UltraLite H Wheels, Thunderbolt Speed Axles and Deluxe Axle Polishing Kit. They put the weights in the very back of the car and applied all the other techniques to the car. Charlie and company stole the whole show winning every single race. It was so worth all the hard work and time with our son to see him take home the big 1st place speed trophy, and the wonderful excitement and thrill in his eyes that night.

We had a total blast and are still, two weeks later, enjoying the winning experience. All the other Dads and boys were really eye-spying up our car, asking "what our secrets were" ; and one of the boy's Mom teased us about being in the winner's circle with all the pictures popping.

We are already planning next year's car and can't wait to see how that turns out. Thanks again for writing such a great informative book and sharing it with us.


Dave, Kelly and Charlie

The last two years my son raced he came in dead last in his pine wood derby he had cool cars but the slowest in the whole pack. This year he begged me to help him win even one race. So I took over the car making as my husband was too busy. I did some online research and loved the products in your store. My son Eric made 'Beaver Bob's Racer' He won first place in his Bear pack and first place as overall Champion for our Pack against all the den winners. He is in pack #41 in Hamilton IL.
I was the first mom to ever enter the 'Dad derby' I made a Plymouth super bird, The Richard Petty race car. and I won First place against all the dads. You should have seen the shocked look on the men's faces to be beat by a woman.

I just wanted to Thank You for all your great products. We couldn't have done it without your great book full of secrets and your awesome store. The tips were amazing and so easy to preform as I have never done any wood working let alone worked on a pine wood derby car. I would recommend the book of secrets as a must have and your store to any one who ever asks. Your store is the best. Our cars smoked every car on the track by about 3-5 car length. Thanks for a great day with my son and wonderful memories and photo's. He's already talking about next years car design so we will be back to shop next season. I have attached a few photos so you could see out cars. Thanks so much,

Becky C.

Another first place finish, thanks again. Hope you had a good business year, your product (and its results) speak for itself.

Kindest Regards,

Chris Wenger







Derby Champ,

Den 2 thanks you for the axles, wheels, and Pro Body Tool II that got all of us in the Top 7 of the Pack of 70 plus cars. Isaac was in first place after the prelim. And all of us were in the finals. At the end we all held our positions except for Isaac. Isaac lost first place after the final 6 race combined time of .040 mph. The final we ended up with 3 of the top 5.To close to call except by the computer timer.

Attached is photo of all of us after the races. On to Districts. Thanks for the quality products.

Kevin K.
Crew Chief




We just ran our race tonight. No one could even come close to us. The wheels and axles were awesome! We love the polishing kit and all of your tips as well. You really have this thing down and make it much easier to succeed but also to make the process more fun and actually provide an opportunity for us to learn much about the physics involved as well. My son totally understands the principles at play here and each of the efforts to reduce friction and optimize effects related to weight and gravity. This has been a wonderful experience for us.

We actually need to place an additional order for some of the tools you were out of last year as you were getting ready to move your shop. I will try put the order together in the next couple of days. Thanks again for all you do. You are great!



I noticed that you put pictures of your customers cars that win pack races in you book. (and on your website?) I thought I would send a few over. With your help, we were able to win pack two years ago (he silver car) and today as well. (the red car) Thanks again.


Steve P




My boys and have won derby 2 years in a row now.due to your passion for teaching the tricks of the trade! My youngest is not actually in Tigers yet, but this year we decided to build him a car also. He won the open division and his actual accumulated time would have placed that car as grand champ over my wolf cubs, who was the grand champ for the second year in a row. One disappointment this year though was your tungsten putty, ¦it literally fell apart will trying to work with it. it was crumbling almost like it was dried out or something..it had no elasticity.

I am interested in promoting you via the web, but see you don't have an affiliate program. Any chance you're working on one?

I would love to start driving a lot of traffic to your site...let me know your plans!!

Alex, Ben & Josh

Thanks for your great customer service. Our car took first place.


I owe you a BIG THANK YOU, my Son took first place in the Pinewood Derby and my Daughter took first place in the siblings. They also took first and second place OVER ALL! their cars never lost a race and there were at least 40 cars in all. My Daughter only lost one race and that was to my Son in the over all. I can't thank you enough! the axles and wheels were superb! We were so very proud of the kids.

--Dave F.

I wanted to drop you a quick note on the results of my sons race. My son won it all again this year. Thank you for all of your excellent advice and follow on support to the products my son and I leveraged to build a winning car two years in a row. Your prompt response to my questions and the following of the guidelines in your book are an invaluable guide for my son and I build successful Derby Cars.

Thank you again and we'll see you next year.


Michael R.

My son and I used your book to win our local derby. By using only the tips legal, according to our local rules, my 8-year-old son took First Place in his division, and then went on to take the overall title. Adapting your techniques to my son's "Zero Gravity" car, a modified wedge, he never lost a race. Next year, I am going to have a workshop to help all the other scouts make their cars go faster. Thanks for your website and book.

Sincerely, Jon and Nicolas

I have purchased your E-book, several bodies, various tools, parts and supplies from your site and they've all been great. Just wanted to let you know that my son got first in his den and first in his pack. We are headed to the district race this weekend where we both get to enter a car. I wanted to say thanks and that we could not have done it without the resources available thru Derby Champ.

Jon M.

I would like to say thank you for all the tips that you have your book. This was our first time in the pinewood derby and we didn't have a clue of how to make the car, make it go fast, a design for it, or anything. You speed tips book helped out so much. My son Zack who is only six, learned a great deal of the pinewood derby car. He is teaching his den all the tips and everything. He took 2nd in his pack races. It came down to him and a Webelos II kid who I am guessing used your book as well by the design of the car and how fast it went. Those two cars were anywhere from .5 seconds to 1.5 seconds faster than the rest of the pack. He one all of his races except for the last race (which he had to race four times because of ties) and he lost by .01 second. He had so much fun building it and racing it. Attached his my 6 year old tiger cub and his car. Thanks again for all the tips.

John V.


(2005) Background: A brief intro note to this testimonial: Last year Natasha worked with her son to build their very first PWD car. They took 2nd place. After the race they discovered that the first place winner was a boy who also built his car with the help of his mother (who had also purchased my book and followed it to the letter). So it was a 1, 2 sweep for the mother/son teams who had purchased my book. I heard from Natasha again this year with another exciting update on their derby racing adventuresÂ…

(2006) Both my son and I won first place at yesterday's race! He won the Webelos I division, and I took first in the Pack's very first Parents' race. My son displaced the first place winner from last year (the other mom). So the moms took 1st and 2nd again this year!

(2007) My son and I both finished 2nd place on Sunday. We're gearing up for district finals, so I'll be ordering some more parts this week.

Thanks again,

Natasha Humphries


I wanted to thank you for your advice and help for this years derby. I am proud to report that my son's cars all did well in their races, even the ones I helped their scout friends build. My Bear's car won the championship race, My webelo came in 3rd, and my wife's car came in 2nd,.

Thanks for all your help.

Andrew R.

We did it!! Out of 80 cars in the corporate competition we won!!! Thanks for the tips, evidently they work. We have a rematch next year and I plan to win that one as well!! We talk at ya next year.

For anyone who wants a great corporate team building experience a derby race is the way to go!!! It was awesome.


Mike G.




Just wanted to say thanks for helping me and my son win first place in our local pack (set a track record). We won our rank and overall. So now we can move on to the districts.



I purchased the Bull pre-cut block. My son and I finished it and won 1st place in the tiger cub den and 3rd place overall in the pack. Districts are in a week and I plan to make some modifications that I was not aware of the first race. We'll see how fast we can go then. This was our first time and race. Everyone was amazed at the car. It was by far the most talked about car and it was a first in our packs history. We were very pleased with the
purchase. I thought you'd like to know and maybe take a look at our finished product.

Kevin B.


I owe it all to you guys, my son's beaming face. He won 1st place in the pack. Thanks!

Stephen K.








First Off - Thank you. My son and I participated in our first derby together last year. We used your book, recommended tools and axles. To make a long story short we won the entire pack derby, by beating the 4 year incumbent. The look on my sons face was priceless. We decided to ratchet it up this year and purchased a set of the #550 Premium Gold Edition Derby Worx UltraLite Speed Wheels.

Thanks again. We are in the middle of it and are looking forward to another fun derby win or lose.


Mike R.

Thinking that this is what the majority of the racers do to their cars and we just might have a chance of doing well.

We worked on it hard all last week to get it done.

We finally had had our derby race last night. His mother and I asked him before the race to not be upset if he didn't win, well he got first place overall beating 25 other cars. The look on his face was priceless when they called his name out and handed him the 1st place trophy, it will be a day he won't forget .
Just wanted to say thanks for the great tips and products , and will be back next time .

John W.

We won out Pack 3 races in January but bent an axle in doing so. The car was so fast it jumped the track at one point. Now it's off to the regional races in March!

Thanks Again


Thanks for the Cars this year. My oldest son won 2nd place in the Webelos division of our Pack and went on to win 1st Place at the district championships. He has qualified for the Greater Alabama Council Championships with his Z bar car. My youngest son finished 1st in the Wolf Division at our Pack race and went on to finish 2nd by .003" at the district championships. He has also qualified for the Greater Alabama Council Championships with his Talon car. I finished 3rd in the Akela Modified or open division with my twin arm slider, thunderbolt axle9s, and xt pro wheels against cars running wafer thin modified weeks! When is the best time to call you? I can't seem to get through and your voicemail is full. I would like to spend a couple of minutes discussing our winning strategy with you. I am eagerly awaiting the Council Rules (I might need new cars). Thanks for any help.

Will B.

Good day, this is Brian Roach, I purchased your premium gold edition wheels,
thunderbolt axels, lube, and your book for my son's race. My son and I really appreciate it. We were up against 51 cars, we were actually #51 but were the overall 1st Place Winner of our division, of all age groups.


Thanks again.

Just wanted to let you know that my son's car was number one in the Den and NUMBER ONE over all. Looking forward to the Dist

Thank you for your help and support


Yes, we completed the pack meet without losing a race and will be racing in the District races in 2 weeks. Thanks for getting our latest order to us in a timely fashion so we could finish the car right.

- Lee & Tristan

Attached are some pictures of my boys and their cars. When we make the cars we do so side by side. And of course one boy will get 1st place and the other 2nd. The bad thing about it is, so far, the youngest always has the faster of the two cars. This has happened five years in a row. We have your book on how to make the cars as fast as possible. My oldest son wants to know if you might have a top secret hint so that just maybe he won't end up with a 2nd place trophy. Thanks so much for all you guys do.


both of my sons took 1st place in their respective races last weekend... thanks to the great wheels, axles, and lube!!



Dear Derby Champ...

This year was my sons 1st opportunity to build a pinewood derby car. Learning from my past experience as a cub scout, I knew I didn't want his wheels falling off the car like they did mine. Well the tips and tricks that I learned on your site and by reading your book really took Tommy's Car to the next level. Tommy was rally so excited to read your book and learn how to have a great car. Tommy had an opportunity to run his car in his school derby race and out of 40 cars he finished 2nd and our church race, he finished 1st out of 20 cars. Thank you for the help and tools needed to make this years race so enjoyable. Your site is invaluable and we will be back next year!

Tom Jr and Tommy III



My son is Nick Caccavella

We have had previously 2- 2nd's 1-3rd. Now a 1st!

Thank You Guys!!!


Pat C.

I just wanted to let you know that my son won the pack Grand Championship again for the second year. He used Premium Gold Edition #550 - UltraLite Speed Wheels by Derby Worx, #610 Thunderbolt Speed Axles, #390 Thunderbird Car. He took 13th overall at Districts out of over 3000 cub scouts. Thanks again for all your help.

--Brian W.

Dear Derby Champ,

I would like to tell you thank you for all your help. We held our Pinewood Derby today. We had three
winners, my son won his Tiger den AND overall pack!!, my daughter won the open class for our tag along group, and I won the open class for adults. Out of 47 cars and almost 30 races combined for the
three cars, we had the fastest cars of the whole pack. Between the thunderbolt axles, speed wheels, axle polishing kit, bullet lube, and the tips on your website these cars were unbeatable. Even among the
seasoned pros that had been racing for 4 years.I cannot begin to express how important your help was,
and how much your products, information, and service assisted in our complete domination.
Thank you,

Jason C

Hello there, just returned home from our first pack race, utilizing the knowledge and info gained from your book..PINEWOOD DERBY SPEED SECRETS. We built and entered 4 cars total in the pack race. Our son Adam Torr took 1st place throughout the event......no photo-finish required. To put it mildly, his car blew the pack away. The other three cars we entered in the open division finished 1,2,3. One humble dad asked me if I put NOS in Adam's car....all I could do was smile.
Thanks again, I know a lot of work went in to putting your book out, and it should be noted that the look on that young man's face more than offset the expense, and hours of work we put into that car.

--Adam T.



I wanted to let you know that my son (Tiger Scout) had the fastest car among all the scouts in the pack and his younger brother (who raced in the sibling heats) had the faster car overall!!!


Dear Derby Champ people,

I love you guys! I bought some of your wheels and axles and other stuff and my son's car won the whole thing. You should have seen the smile on his face. All of the other dad's were wondering what in the heck I did to win. I just grinned and said, "I just did my homework." My homework was finding your site.

Anyhow, thanks a million!


Team Derby Champ,

We have been using your products with great success, we have taken 1st place in Corp Cub race in the community, Cub Scout supported, we also have taken 1st place in our District race last year and went on to take 6th over all at the Council race at the Mall of America in MN.

Thanks again and Best Regards,

Erik & Gary

My son is in Tiger Cubs, and he just won the overall pack championship in his first year of racing. I was extremely proud of him, and I think it was a great self-esteem event for him. He put in many hours since last fall building 3 different cars with my help and the guidance from your outstanding book. His car finished first in every single race; some by a few car lengths. Riding home he asked "Dad, how can we make it faster next year?" I think he has the 'bug'.



My son and I were in our first Pinewood Derby yesterday. He got 1st place in Tiger Cubs and "Judges Favorite" 1st place. I competed in the Open Division for parents and siblings and took first place.

Thank you for the quick service. Derby was tonight and we blew them all away. Wasn't even a fair fight..

--William W.

Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for your information and advice. My son was unbeaten with 18 wins in a row and took home the first place trophy. Thanks again and have a great day.

Jim H

Well, we won the overall pack trophy for the SECOND YEAR in a row thanks to your speed tips and products. Thanks!
--Jim B


I wanted to send you another testimonial. We used the majority of the tips in your book for building a Champion Car and added a few ideas of our own this year. My Son Joshua White won Pack Champion out of 70 cars in the Pack. You have made a believer out of us that every little step strips time from the clock. In the final heat of six cars Joshua won by only .02 seconds. HoweverÂ…He did so consistently.

Thanks Again.

Have a Great Day,

Darren W


Thank you. BTW, we won last year. Fastest Cub, Fastest in Pack, Fastest Cub in District.

Thank you for the great tools, supplies, and the great advice

We won our first pinewood derby! My son is a Tiger scout and this was our first time building cars. And we only had two weeks to do so. His car won all 8 races in his den, went to the pack finals and won everything there!

We built two cars. The 2nd we painted with pink and his sister ran it in the parents and siblings event.
She won every race against about 20 other cars!

Before the derby we didn't know what to expect, and the tigers were the last den scheduled to race. When he won his first race I thought "All right, maybe we'll do okay". After a few more wins, a couple of dads came over and said that our times were faster than any they had seen all day!

Afterward we checked the times for our two cars to see which was faster. We compared the finals and the "par-sibs" races and the cumulative totals were within one hundredth of each other, virtually even. Our cars were very consistent, we ran all races in 2.5xx's. Only a few cars got under 2.6's. Absolutely amazing!

At the end of the day the pack leader smiled, pointed at us and said "Guess who's running next year's derby workshop...".

The pack has an 8 lane wooden track with optical sensors and computer program that times to the thousandth of a second. Each car runs once in each lane (the computer picks the lanes), its' times are added up, and the lowest cumulative time wins the event. The rules are that you must use the standard wheels, axels, and axel slots. No lathe work, just sanding and polishing. Once you check your car in, it's in control of the race wardens and no one else handles the cars.

My son and I had a great project to work on together, learned a lot, and had a great derby win!

Thanks again David.

Best regards,
Tom E

Sorry we are just now getting around to sending this to you. We appreciate the help with our last order and we're also sorry it's been awhile since we've ordered anything else. Things have been hectic - but busy - around here as well as it is with you probably.

Attached are some pictures of cars & trucks my husband has been making. I hope they show up okay for you. It's our first time to use our new digital camera and load it on the computer to e-mail. Hope we did it right. I'm really proud of my husband. Most of the cars and trucks he made he started from scratch with a block of wood. Only a few were made from a kit. He can look at a picture and duplicate it in no time. He's awesomely talented and is anxious to share his pics with you so you know what he's been working on and what he's interested in .

Thanks again for all your help in helping us track our last order. You're like a celebrity around our house. My husband is one of your biggest fans and enjoys the information you put out in simple to understand formats - yet creative and awesome ideas!

We appreciate what you do to help kids build the best pinewood derby cars they possibly can. My husband's not a kid but he sure feels like one when building his cars. Now we just need a opportunity to race them. He's got a BSA track that he's refinished but we can't find anywhere big enough to put it all together. But we'll figure out in due time.

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Mark & Becky Robison

Dear David

Thank you for your speedy shipping . We worked day and night and it was well worth it. We used your book for the 2nd time. The lead wire and tungsten putty was a great improvement.

Well what a race we had ! Our youngest son broke the track record. We received first place in all 3 speed categories. As a bonus we got a 1st place and a 2nd for design as well ! 5 Trophies. Wow.


Louise M


Thanks for a great last year,1st in pack,1st in city, 2nd in regional. I'll use the extended wheel base car in a open class.

--Art B

Dear Derby Champ, we ordered from your site this past week and walked home with a 1st place trophy today! There were 30 cars and we ran 8 heats each plus a championship heat and won every race! Your tips helped us to make a true champion car.

Thank you

This will be our final pine derby, thanks for a great run. We have acquired quite the trophy collection over the years because of your helpful hints, speed tips, and quality products. There is no better place to go for pine derby than Derby Champ!

Thanks again for everything.

Tim, Brendan, and Zachary

Last year, as a WEBELOS 1, my son Jacob won the Scout class race for the LongHorn Council, Pack 703, using 4 of your wheels and 4 of your nails. My four year old son Will won the open class race for the same pack using six of your wheels and six of your nails. Your claim to more First place finishes is TRUE. As a Tiger , my son Jacob came in second to last. I promised him that that would never happen again!!! I don't know how to thank you!!! I will be a Customer forever!!!

Steve S.

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