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Pinewood Derby Rules

Before you call or send email with questions about racing rules PLEASE READ through this list of most frequently asked questions regarding rules.

Question: "What are the official rules of the Derby?"
Answer: Well, the quick and easy answer is that there is no official set of rules, which apply to and are used in every Derby. As a basic rule of thumb, every race committee establishes the rules that will be used in their respective race. However, there is a very general set of suggested rules which come packaged with every BSA® Grand Prix car kit. Many racing organizations and packs have adopted that set of rules and use them as the official rules for their races. However, there are just as many other groups who have elected to establish their own rules, so BE SURE TO FIND OUT WHAT YOUR LOCAL RULES WILL BE AND THEN FOLLOW THEM TO THE LETTER!

Question: "Are the products found on your web site legal in my race?"
Answer: All of the products sold by Derby Champ are 100% legal in many races across the country. However, legality of any given product is dependent upon your local rules. I have no way of knowing what your rules are. If your rules do not allow a specific kind of product then please don't buy it. Derby Champ has made every effort to offer a wide variety of products so that no matter what rules you are using, we have the products that will help you build the best car possible given that set of rules. However, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KNOW YOUR OWN LOCAL RULES AND TO FOLLOW THEM.

Question: "Are all of the car building methods discussed in your book legal in my race?
Answer: Once again, all of the methods I discuss in Ultimate Speed Secrets are 100% in many races across the country. However, it is your responsibility to get a list of your local rules and then to use all of the speed tips allowed under that set of rules. My book is written in a way that will allow you to pick and choose which speed tips you want to use when building your car. I would recommend using every possible speed tip that is allowed under your local rules, but you will need to determine which methods are legal and then use them to your advantage.

Question: "How can I find out what my local rules are?
Answer: For every race, there is someone who is in charge of the event. Find out who that person is and then get a written copy of the rules from that person. If your race organizer doesn't have a written set of rules, insist that they produce a written set of rules and then distribute those rules to all participants. If they say, "We're using the rules that come in the box", then insist they distribute a rules sheet with those rules written on it. Insist on a set of written rules. This will enable everyone to compete fairly.

Question: "Will you help me interpret my rules?"
Answer: It is the policy of Derby Champ to not become involved in trying to interpret what your local rules mean. If you have a question about your rules, then please contact your local race organizer and ask them for clarification.

Dear Race Officials: Please. please. please write down your local rules and then communicate those rules to the participants as early as possible. Please be prepared and distribute those rules at the time when you pass out the car kits. I remember one year our pack handed out the kits three months before the race. My sons and I built our cars the first month. Then with just two weeks left before the race, they passed out a new set of rules. The cars we had built were not legal under the new set of rules and we had to start all over again with just two weeks left. If you pass out the kit you owe it to the racers to let them know the rules so that they can start building their cars.