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Pinewood Derby Cars

Benefit from over 20 years of Pinewood Derby™ racing experience. Get the book that gives you "ALL THE TIPS", not just a few. Lead the Pack!
"You Can Be The
About Us

David Meade is an Eagle Scout, author of the B.S.A. Authorized book "Pinewood Derby Speed Secrets" and an acknowledged leader in building pinewood derby cars that win. He is also the founder of derbychamp.com in response to the desire of parents and their children to work together to build the VERY BEST pinewood derby car they can. David also created and sold one of the first on-line / download manual, Ultimate Derby Speed Secrets which was the start of this web site. David said, "My sons have an entire wall full of First Place Trophies!" and not only is building a Pinewood Derby Car a tradition that goes back generations, it is something he has always gladly shared with all who seeked his knowledge. David has played a huge role and dedicated a lot of time to Pinewood derby, he has helped many and made lots of friends along the way with Derby Champ... We want to wish him all the best and will do our very best to carry on his time honored traditions and values.